NovaNox® Superflex Silicone Hose Black with Wire Insert Ø 13mm to 38mm/ 1Meter

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Superflex silicone hose - sold by the meter

This super flexible silicone hose is made with a steel wire spiral embedded in the reinforcement layers. These reinforcements provide flexibility that is not achieved with most straight standard hoses. Compared to standard hoses, Superflex hoses absorb higher pressures. Our NovaNox Super-Flex hoses are available by the meter with different hose diameters.


Under enormous pressure, silicone pipes meet high technical requirements in turbo or exhaust systems in commercial vehicles, ships, generators, vehicles and machines.

Please note:

The uniqueness of the product flexibility is no longer given a diameter of 38 mm.

Technical data

Material: Silicone with polyester reinforcement

Leg Length: 1 Meter

Temperature resistant: - 50 °C to + 180 °C

Resistant to: UV, water, ozone, oxygen and oil splashes (no oil flow!)

Diameter Textile layers, Polyester Wall thickness Pressure resistant
Ø 38 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 35 mm 3-layers 4 mm  6 bar
Ø 32 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 30 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 28 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 25 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 22 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 19 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 16 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar
Ø 13 mm 3-layers 4 mm 6 bar