Silicone hoses, connectors, reducers, silicone bends

Whether charge air hose, cooling air hose, superflex silicone hose, food hoses and NBR hoses by the meter, you can order them online from us. Furthermore we have hose connectors, bead connectors, straight connectors, straight reducers as well as t-pieces for connecting silicone hoses in our range. You will also find various silicone bends in 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees for the flexible connection of components and metal pipes in different diameters.

The application areas of our silicone hoses range from construction machinery, agricultural machinery and rail vehicles to stationary equipment and machinery. The silicone hoses are also suitable for the use in special vehicles and low-floor vehicles. We offer the right product especially for exhaust systems and turbo systems in trucks, buses, construction machinery, rail vehicles, automobiles, boats, ships, generators, tractors and food applications.

Our silicone hoses are pressure and abrasion resistant to ensure long life, durability and resilience. In addition the physical and chemical compatibility is given in a wide variety of applications such as fuel lines, ventilation hoses, engine cooling hoses and much more. Our silicone hoses withstand temperatures from -50 to +180 degrees in continuous operation. Furthermore enormous pressure (up to 6 bar for custom-made products) is no problem for our high-quality silicone hoses. The high quality of our silicone hoses is a basic requirement and our trademark due to the demanding requirement areas.

You will find the inner diameter, outer diameter and wall thickness in the technical data of our hoses. Depending on whether you have the inner diameter or outer diameter available, the hose dimension is as follows:

Outer diameter = inner diameter + 2 * wall thickness

Inner diameter = outer diameter – 2 * wall thickness

In addition to our standardized products in our online shop we also offer customized made-to-order production. Please visit our homepage www.novanox.eu or reach us by phone at +49 531 12944669 if you need further information or personal advice.