NovaNox® fuel tank filler neck hose inner 60-80mm Aluminium tank filler cap

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Fuel Tank filler neck B60- B80

Outstanding original equipment quality - The result is outstanding quality, increased performance and safety. This increases the efficiency and the service life.

Added value through installation comfort - The accuracy of fit allows a simple, individual assembly and offers a clear gain in ease of installation and freedom of use.

Application-oriented properties - Whether truck, bus, construction machine, train, automobile, boats, ships, generators, tractors, machines, the filler neck can be flexibly used for a wide variety of applications and meet high technical requirements.

The weld-in sockets from NovaNox GmbH & Co. KG meet all the approval requirements.

For utility vehicles and custom machines

Whether it's a truck, a luxury yacht, crane, or a combined heating and power plant — NovaNox will supply you with the right tank of any size made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. According to your drawing, freehand sketch or description, we manufacture high-quality products according to custom specifications equipped with the accompanying accessories —

from the tank cover and ports to the attachment kit and mounting brackets. Standard tanks for the aftermarket sector round off our portfolio. Thanks to our sophisticated manufacturing processes, we are able to offer this all-in service at attractive prices.

NovaNox tanks are of the highest quality and fulfill the most stringent requirements. In order to minimize the tanks' own weight, at your request NovaNox will use a sophisticated welding technique that allows up to 1 mm thick aluminum to be welded cleanly and without requiring any subsequent work.

The welding is carried out exclusively by a highly-qualified team of employees. Quality documentation, e.g. on leak tightness, pressure and dimensional accuracy, can be provided at any time.



Filler neck

Material: Aluminium

Innerdiameter Outerdiameter Height 
Ø 60 mm Ø 80 mm 50 mm
Ø 80 mm Ø 105 mm 44 mm