Filter screen strainer Ø 33-53 mm Stainless Steel wire mesh inlet protection Fuel Tank

Item number 25901-4

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Fillers are ideal for protecting the tank from environmental influences such as dirt, dust particles and dirt during refueling.

Added value through comfort - The quality allows a simple and individual assembly. A clear gain in assembly convenience and freedom of use.

Outstanding quality - made of qualtiative stainless steel. For ensuring trouble-free use of your machine. Results are outstanding quality, increased performance and safety.

Application-oriented properties - Whether on the wheel loader, excavators, tractors, generators, tractors, construction machines, agricultural machines. The tank screens can be flexibly used for a wide variety of applications and meet high technical requirements.



Filler neck filter

Material: Inox

Internal diameter Outer diameter Ring Length
Ø 33 mm Ø 40 mm 150 mm
Ø 39,4 mm Ø 47 mm 121,5 mm
Ø 53 mm Ø 61 mm 150 mm