Volvo clamps

Hose clamps, hinge pin clamps, bracket clamps, hose clamps

Our range of different clamps is designed for industrial needs in applications for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trucks, ships, rail vehicles as well as plant and machinery. Whether hose clamps, hinge pin clamps, pipe connectors or car clamps, you can order them online in our shop in a wide range of diameters. High-quality painted steel clamps for fastening components can be found in various sizes in our assortment. We also offer stainless steel hinge pin clamps in various diameters. You can order NovaNox® hose clamps for durable, robust fastenings of silicone hoses online from us as well.

Furthermore we offer exhaust clamps, car clamps and pipe clamps especially for Volvo vehicles. This also applies to exhaust clamps and other clamps for Toyota vehicles. We have clamps for the exhaust system of Renault vehicles in our range too.

Our hose clamps and hose clips are used to attach a hose to a hose connector or a permanent connection. With the help of a set screw the hose clamp can be tightened and properly fastened. The possible uses of our clamps range from the fastening of horses in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and rail vehicles to stationary equipment and machinery. The hose clamps are also suitable for the use in special vehicles and low-floor vehicles. We offer the right selection of clamps especially for fastening components in exhaust systems and turbo systems in trucks, buses, construction machinery, railwys, automobiles, boats, ships, generators, tractors and food applications.

Our hose clamps and hose clips offer a long-lasting connection through the use of high-quality materials like stainless steel and painted steel. This results in rust protection as well as reusability with a robust hold. A durable and robust connection is part of our brand promise.

You can see the units band width and span in the technical details of our hose clamps. The width describes the wideness of the band of a clamp. The wider the band is the stronger is the attachment. However slim hose clamps can be more space-saving and easier to fit in confined spaces. The span of a clamp refers to the inside diameter of a hose clamp. By tightening the set screw this inner diameter is variable and is described with a from-to-specification which includes the smallest and the largest setting possibility. To find the right hose clamp the outer diameter of the hose is necessary which can be calculated like the following:

Outer diameter = inner diameter + 2 * wall thickness

For individual requirement areas we can also fulfil specific customer wishes as an experienced original equipment manufacturer. For more information please visit or feel free to call us at +49 531 12944669 weekdays until 5 pm.