NovaNox® PVC Hose, silicone hose, water/food hose, transparent, Ø 16x20 mm

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NovaNox® PVC hose, silicone hose, water hose, food hose, aquarium hose, air hose, transparent, FDA / BFR.

1 piece Length: = 1 meter *Order quantity will be sent in one piece* / Maximum 50m


The NovaNox® FDA compliant food hose is applicable in a wide range of industries. NovaNox® food hose is the right choice wherever food, chemical or pharmaceutical substances have to be passed through.


The PVC hose is used in the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the food industry. It is also used in the beverage industry, the cosmetics industry, in mechanical engineering, plant construction, laboratory technology and in dairies. The silicone hose is most frequently used as a drinking water hose and water hose, as it has no influence on quality, health, odour or taste.


Nevertheless, there are many possible applications in the industries mentioned. In coffee machines, dispensers or drinking water dispensers, the NovaNox® food hose is used as a transport hose to convey the contents. In large kitchens, breweries, butcheries, fisheries or the food industry, the food hose is used in a similar function. The special feature in large-scale operations is that significantly larger diameters are required, all of which you can find in our shop or request specially!


Other special applications are as aquarium or shisha hose. It is mainly used in these areas because its smooth inner walls make it uncomplicated and easy to clean. Here, too, it can be used and ordered in different versions.


In the chemical industry, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and in laboratories, the NovaNox® food hose is used because of its good resistance to acids and alkalis. Another advantage is a good ageing resistance, the transparent walls and the temperature resistance.




  • transparent
  • flexible, bendable
  • resistant to ageing
  • resistant to acid, lye, oil splashes, ozone, UV, oxygen
  • chemical resistance
  • without fabric insert, smooth inner and outer walls
  • food-safe
  • abrasion-resistant
  • also suitable for low operating pressures
  • temperature resistance from -15°C to +60°C
  • sold by the metre
  • easy to clean


If you need NovaNox® food hoses for industrial use in larger quantities, please feel free to contact us via the attached form.




The PVC - silicone food grade hoses are manufactured from the most modern and highest quality silicone and if required with polyester for optimum reinforcement. To ensure trouble-free use, pressure, heat resistance and vibration resistance are tested and bending tests are carried out. The result is outstanding quality, increased performance and safety. The lightness of the food hoses is achieved through the use of innovative silicone technology. The material is resistant, robust and at the same time very flexible, which enables easy and individual installation and offers a clear gain in installation comfort and freedom of use.


Areas of application:


The FDA-compliant drinking water hose made of PVC is perfect for the passage of air and liquids in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.




The NovaNox® food hoses have a single-layer construction, which makes them extremely easy to clean. In addition, the inner and outer walls are smooth and the hose is flexible and cadmium-free. Furthermore, NovaNox® food hoses are transparent and abrasion-resistant. This gives the food hose good chemical resistance.



No application in or on the body in the field of medicine. We do not supply sterile packed hoses! However, hoses for the medical field can be requested separately.

Food grade hose FDA - Technical specifications


 Silicone food grade FDA


 1 piece = 1 Meter *Ordered quantity will be delivered in one piece*

wall thickness

0,5 mm


 60° Shore (A)

Tensile strenght

 11.5 Mpa

Tear Resistance

 24 N/mm2

Cure conditions

 10min/165° in der Presse, nachhärten für 4h/200oc, belüftet


 See through, clear


 1.17 g/cm3

 Elongation at break

 470 %

 Compression Set

 9 %


FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the  USA) as well as BfR (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) approved