NovaNox® T-Piece Silicone Hose inner 64 mm Blue Universal Silicone connector

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Silicone hoses flexibly connect components or metal pipes with different pipe diameters. They absorb engine motion, compensate for misalignments and help reduce vibration and noise.

Compared with other materials, silicone has unbeatable advantages: the material is very elastic yet extremely dimensionally stable, even at high temperatures of -50 to +180 ° C in continuous operation. Even enormous pressure - with special designs up to 6 bar - can withstand high-quality silicone hoses. In addition there is the good physical and chemical compatibility with coolants and corrosion inhibitors.

Because of this robustness silicone hoses are used for grueling applications, i.a. as fuel line, ventilation hose, charge air hose or hose line for turbocharger systems, as engine radiator hose and as marine hose.


NovaNox manufactures a wide range of silicone tubing, from simple manifold tubing to silicone tubing with complex shapes and bellows.

Our product range includes:

• Straight tube hoses, 45 ° / 90 ° / 135 °/180° bent, U-shaped

• reducers

• Abrasion protection hoses to ensure long life and high load capacity of components

• Marine Hoses

• Customized hoses

• High temperature hose insulation for safe use in close proximity to turbo or exhaust systems in commercial vehicles

• accessories, e.g. hose clamps



  • Outstanding quality - Made of the most modern and highest quality silicone with polyester for optimal reinforcement. To ensure trouble-free use, pressure, heat resistance and vibration resistance are tested and bending tests are performed. The result is outstanding quality, increased performance and safety.
  • Nova mapping technology - based on the analysis of vehicle characteristics, machines and plants. Optimally placed high-performance textile layers, taking into account the polyester reinforcement of the silicone hose, ensure a highly flexible and yet extremely dimensionally stable silicone hose. The silicone tube keeps its natural shape in different temperature and weather conditions. The innovative material is resistant to UV, water, ozone, oxygen and oil splashes.
  • Composition - Specially elastic 3D zones are responsible for perfect shape and pressure resistance. The 3D zones absorb engine movements, compensate for misalignments and at the same time reduce vibrations and noise.
  • Added value through comfort - The lightness of the silicone hoses is achieved through the use of innovative silicone technology. The material of the hoses is resistant, robust and at the same time very flexible, which allows a simple and individual assembly and offers a clear gain in ease of assembly and freedom of use.
  • Application oriented properties - Whether truck, bus, construction machine, train, automobile, boats, ships, generators, tractors, foodstuffs - the high-performance silicone hoses can be flexibly used for a wide range of applications and meet high technical requirements.

Technical data

Material: silicone with polyester

length: 100 mm

Textile layers, polyester layers: 4- layers

Inner diameter: Ø 64 mm

Outer Diameter: 74 mm

wall thickness: 5 mm

Pressure-resistant: up to 3,5 bar

Temperature range: - 50°C à + 180°C

Resistant to: UV, Water, Ozone, Oxygen und oil splatter (no oil running through!)